New York City’s Board of Health asked for a warning label on food, and we’re only too happy to oblige. After noting that some New Yorkers had trouble staying fit and trim, the bureaucrats chose to demand calorie labels on fast-food menu boards. But just for the 10 percent of restaurants that were part of the biggest chains. And only for those that were already offering calorie counts to consumers in other ways.In this case, a punish-the-big-guys strategy amounts to punishing restaurants that have gone (for many years) beyond what the law requires. Make any sense? We didn’t think so either. So we’ve mocked up an advertisement with our own food warning, reflecting the Big Apple’s transformation into Big Brother:

Warning and Nutritional Notice: Food may contain calories. If eaten in great amounts, in the absence of activity or exercise, you may gain weight. The New York City Board of Health, however, may not contain common sense.