Quote Of The Week(end)

Over the weekend in the London Times, columnist Janice Turner questioned the rationale of over-eager British politicians who see "Twinkie taxes" and junk food warning labels as the only solutions to her nation’s weight issues:

Britain’s children are not fat for lack of scaremonger food-labelling, education or government initiatives. They are fat, because we are fat. We are fat, because modern life makes us fat. And while we beat ourselves up about our rancid British snack-and-go eating habits, our lack of Mediterranean menus, we should remember that a third of children in Italy and a quarter in Spain are overweight. And, counter to its culinary arrogance, France is set to have the same proportion of enormous enfants as — horreur! — America by 2020 …

[W]e need to reflect that history is full of worse fates than ordering up a bigger size of trouser.


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