Obesity Activists Sporting Latest In Sheep’s Clothing
(October 31st, 2007)
The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) is making waves today with its new report linking excess weight to increased risk of cancer. We’ve parsed through the 500-page tome and, frankly, we’re surprised by how measured, well-researched, and common-sensical it is. Of note are AICR’s dietary...
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Genesis of a Fish Story
(October 30th, 2007)
How on earth could USA Today have gotten something so wrong? In a front-page “cover story” this morning about fish and mercury, the newspaper fell hook-line-and-sinker for the number one myth about seafood and health: As many as 600,000 babies may be born in the USA each year with...
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Fun With Congress(Blog)
(October 30th, 2007)
The Center for Consumer Freedom is not a lobbying group, but when moneyed activist groups mislead Congress about their intentions, we’ve been known to help set the record straight. On the heels of our ad last week in Roll Call, we’re using The Hill’s widely read CongressBlog...
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Menu Labels And Menu Fables In NYC
(October 29th, 2007)
Say what you will about New York City health czar Thomas Frieden, but the guy’s nothing if not persistent. Last month, the Big Apple’s menu labeling law -- a first-in-the-nation food cop coup spearheaded by Frieden -- was struck down by a federal judge on account of a...
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Anti-Biotech, Techno-Illiterate
(October 26th, 2007)
The late Dr. Carl Sagan wrote in 1989 that “we live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Looking at today’s organized opposition to genetically modified (GM) foods, it’s clear that Sagan’s bleak society hasn’t advanced...
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Memo To Congress: The Physicians Committee Isn’t One
(October 25th, 2007)
PCRM adYesterday the grossly misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) directed its lobbying muscle toward using the federal farm bill to hurt ranchers and other livestock farmers. The group asked its supporters for phone calls to support legislation that...
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Consumer Choice Not OK In The UK
(October 24th, 2007)
Fat camps” for five-year-olds represent only one of the countless campaigns introduced recently by England’s anti-obesity activists. For the kindergarten-and-up crowd, legislators have considered a “fat tax” on foods deemed by government officials to be “unhealthy.” And for the usual waistline whipping boy, British food bobbies...
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CCF Tells Marylanders The Truth About Menu Labeling Laws
(October 23rd, 2007)
In an op-ed in today’s Baltimore Examiner, the Center for Consumer Freedom blasts the Montgomery (MD) County Council members pushing the latest food activist cure-all: menu labeling legislation. The problem: There’s little to no evidence that menu labeling actually changes customer behavior for the better, and forcing...
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The Buns of Brixton (Fat Fears Flare In England)
(October 22nd, 2007)
The British government’s recently released “report” (read: “screed”) on obesity is still sparking debate on both sides of the Atlantic. And while food fascists have taken the news as an opportunity to redouble their efforts, the forces of food freedom have done little more than tuck tail, apparently...
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CSPI Bombs On Breakfast Burrito
(October 19th, 2007)
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has been throwing a hissy fit for a solid week now over a new breakfast offering from a fast food chain. CSPI’s tone-deaf PR point woman has taken to calling the offending entrée -- an admittedly massive breakfast...
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