Fun With Congress(Blog)

The Center for Consumer Freedom is not a lobbying group, but when moneyed activist groups mislead Congress about their intentions, we’ve been known to help set the record straight. On the heels of our ad last week in Roll Call, we’re using The Hill’s widely read CongressBlog to alert the nation’s top lawmakers about the most deceptive animal rights group in Washington.
[T]he Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine sounds benign enough, right? Not. It’s an animal rights group, not a mainstream group of doctors. Less than four percent of its members are actual physicians … Now this “Physicians Committee” is lobbying the Farm Bill, using PETA’s talking points. Meat bad. Spinach good.
As an added bonus, we’re linking to radio doctor Dean Edell’s scathing commentary about the misnamed $9 million “Physicians Committee.” Quoth Doctor Edell: “It’s just PETA in a lab coat.”

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