Salt Shaker Shakedown
(November 30th, 2007)
This has never happened before. Yesterday’s FDA hearing on limits for salt in food marked what may be an unprecedented shift in the agency’s regulatory role. This is not the first time that federal officials have considered controlling the availability of a widely consumed substance. Just this...
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Americans Are Gaining Laws, Not Weight
(November 29th, 2007)
Between 1999 and 2002, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a plateau in US obesity rates. Using data crunched from the recent 2003-2004 survey, today’s news is more of the same: Obesity rates are leveling off. America’s weight gain is stalling and our life...
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The Big Apple’s Board of Hype
(November 28th, 2007)
Yesterday, New York City’s Board of Health held its first public hearing on revamped and reloaded menu labeling legislation set to be voted on in January. We were there. So were crazy-is-as-crazy-does obesity warrior Meme Roth, and nutrition nanny Margo Wootan from the Center for Science...
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Four Reasons To Leave Chicken And Egg Farmers Alone
(November 27th, 2007)
It’s not even 2008 yet, and we can already see the feathers flying. The ultra-rich Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and its Ol’ MacDonald sidekick Farm Sanctuary are collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that could do to California what they’ve already done to two...
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Real Food Cop Facts
(November 26th, 2007)
Over the years, we’ve heightened public awareness of the serious shortcomings of countless food cop claims. And now the BBC is joining our chorus. Responding to a recent government report forecasting future problems from obesity (such as shrinking lifespans), BBC investigators determined: “There’s just one problem...
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Giving Thanks For Seconds And Thirds
(November 22nd, 2007)
The Center for Consumer Freedom wishes you a happy Thanksgiving and hopes that your holiday celebration is free from any food cop finger-wagging. Their incessant (and usually bogus) health scares that strip apart our beloved family recipes also scour away the joy of cooking grandmother's stuffing, or Uncle Jack’s...
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Food Cops Aim Below The Belt
(November 21st, 2007)
Most strategies shift to a “Plan B” when the original plan disappoints. The food cop agenda is no different: If you can’t scare people from eating the foods they love, disgust them. Just as a football team starts to run the ball when the passing game just won’t work,...
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The PETA Infomercial
(November 20th, 2007)
If you opted for Monday Night Football over last night’s HBO broadcast of I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA, we don’t blame you. A pandering infomercial for animal-rights lunacy isn’t most people’s idea of a Monday night put to good use. How...
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Hollywood PETA-philes Have Blood On Their Hands
(November 19th, 2007)
As animal rights activists gear up for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) infomercial airing tonight on HBO, the Center for Consumer Freedom is helping Alec Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone, Bill Maher, Steve-O, and the rest of Hollywood’s glitterati put PETA in perspective. Our latest...
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Menu Labeling Warriors Grab The Spotlight On 60 Minutes
(November 19th, 2007)
If you want a snapshot of the national debate over menu labeling laws, check out this piece from last night's CBS broadcast of 60 Minutes. Correspondent Lesley Stahl ditched the pretense of journalistic objectivity in no time flat -- obviously buying the activist spin hook, line, and...
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