The Big Apple’s Board of Hype

Yesterday, New York City’s Board of Health held its first public hearing on revamped and reloaded menu labeling legislation set to be voted on in January. We were there. So were crazy-is-as-crazy-does obesity warrior Meme Roth, and nutrition nanny Margo Wootan from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. As always: No new, well-supported, and/or compelling arguments to report from either of them.  
Here’s part of our testimony, which you’ll find in full here:
Without addressing the proposals’ numerous deficiencies, the Board risks exposing the city’s restaurants to a legal quagmire that will likely put an undue financial hardship on businesses which already operate on small profit margins.
If the Council is serious about having an impact on obesity rates, politically expedient solutions that ignore the numerous causes of obesity will surely fail.

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