Quote of the Week
(December 31st, 2007)
The national debate about our country’s weight is often an exercise in playing the blame game. If activists and health officials can successfully pin responsibility for your love handles on anyone other than you (see food companies, beverage makers, restaurants, etc.), the door to freedom-limiting policy prescriptions and frivolous...
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Donations Are Deductible; Taxes Are Not
(December 28th, 2007)
For years politicians have tried to levy extra taxes on our favorite foods in the name of public health (and bureaucratic spending). It looks as if 2008 will bring more of the same: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom recently announced plans to charge an extra...
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Common Sense Stocking Stuffers
(December 27th, 2007)
Over the holiday, while Santa and his elves were busy spreading Christmas cheer, Consumer Freedom researchers were busy spreading a little common sense. In a matter of days, a dozen newspapers nationwide featured glowing reviews of our latest report: Small Choices, Big Bodies. Looming New Year’s resolutions have...
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Make Sure Santa Gives Gifts, Not Lawsuits
(December 21st, 2007)
When Santa comes down the chimney, he can't help but drink the milk and eat the cookies kids leave out for him. Sadly, in this litigious age, he may leave behind one extra Christmas present: a fat lawsuit for contributing to his bowl-full-of-jelly gut.

That's why we've drawn...
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CCF To Soda-Tax Junkies: Get Your Own House In Order
(December 20th, 2007)
San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom’s plan to impose a citywide surcharge on soda sales has rightly drawn the ire of consumer groups coast to coast. Too bad it’s also drawn the applause of nutrition zealots giddy at the prospect of having their science-free, anti-food dogmas written into law. Yesterday...
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A Little Less Scare, A Little More Sense
(December 19th, 2007)
A new study illustrates that scare tactics are ineffective when it comes to changing people’s eating behavior. The University of Adelaide in Australia found that unrelenting warnings about “bad” food don’t impact consumers’ choices, leading researchers to conclude that “promoting ‘healthy’ fast food consumption might be the...
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San Fran Soda Tax Ignores The Facts
(December 18th, 2007)
It looks like San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is making an early bid for next year’s Worst Nanny Award. Last Friday Newsom announced a plan to implement what has quickly become the latest big-government “solution” to rising obesity rates: special taxes on soft drink sales at large...
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McPapering Over a Mercury Gaffe
(December 17th, 2007)
We told you in late October about an example of horrible science reporting at USA TODAY, in which the paper repeated the flawed canard that more than a half-million babies are supposedly born each year in the U.S. at risk from mercury poisoning. Although the source of this...
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This Ban Brought To You By The Letter C
(December 17th, 2007)
In what seems like a warped episode of Sesame Street, the letter “C” has drawn the ire of food cops and prompted a series of recent school bans. In the name of “fighting obesity,” nutrition activists have blacklisted cocoa, cookies, cola, and, most recently, cupcakes from the...
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Remembering The Food Scold Days
(December 14th, 2007)
Many health officials criticize the modern American diet, suggesting that our grandparents’ nutrition was notably superior. In reality, most people in the ‘50s and ‘60s ate a high-fat, high-cholesterol and high-sugar diet. Local grocers sold only full-fat versions of dairy products. Most recipe books listed lard—a solid block of...
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