The latest episode of King of the Hill (appropriately titled “Trans-Fascism”) mirrors real-world politics when the Arlen City Council bans the sale of foods containing trans fats. Hank Hill, the show’s lead character, recognizes the ban as an infringement on personal freedom and fights back:

Hank: The last thing Arlen needs is a food ban.
Councilwoman: Are you saying you are for childhood obesity?
Hank: No. Of course not … I’m not saying trans fats are good for you, but banning them isn’t going to solve all of those problems. The government should not be deciding what we have the right to eat.

In a later conversation, Hank’s friend Bill unknowingly highlights the absurdity of this sort of government-knows-best legislation:

I’m just glad the government’s keeping me safe. Now I can snack my way to a healthier me. (stuffing his mouth with a handful of cookies) Delicious! And no trans fats. You don’t have to worry about me anymore, Hank. The government’s doing it.

To appreciate the ridiculousness of these food cop campaigns, watch the full episode here. And remember, though over-the-top policies make for great comedy on TV sitcoms, they’re no laughing matter in real life.

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