“Silliest Law Ever” Repealed! Consumers Win!

After nearly two years as contraband, America’s leading gourmet pariah is finally back on the menu in Chicago.  Having banned foie gras in 2006, the Chicago City Council reversed its decision yesterday in a 37-6 vote that left animal activists screeching and “duckeasies” shutting their doors.
For consumers, though, the Council’s decision was an important victory. As CCF’s Director of Research told the media yesterday,

“Chicago’s latest experiment with Prohibition was always bound to end like this. It was just a question of when. Americans don’t like government dictating what they can and can’t eat. It’s as simple as that. If misguided animal rights activists could maintain a ban on foie gras, it follows that veal, pork, and cheese would probably be next…
If animal activists, or anyone else in Chicago, don’t like the idea of eating foie gras, they still have a simple option: Don’t order it.” 

Fortunately for Chicagoans, culinary freedom is back—for now, at least. In the meantime, the anti-foie gras crowd is working hard to recruit Ashton Kutcher’s webbed feet to fight the status quo. Victory is sweet…

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