Road to Nanny State Paved With Bad Intentions?
(July 31st, 2008)
California is abuzz this week about matters of public health. Like many other news outlets, the Orange County Register editorialized against the state’s recent Crisco prohibition, citing economist Walter Williams’ comments on a similar ban in New York City last year: They’ve started out with a small...
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100 Percent Fat, 100 Percent False
(July 30th, 2008)
Yesterday, a study published in the journal Obesity warned that normal-weight Americans may soon be found only in history books. According to the dire projections made by researchers at The Johns Hopkins University, all of us will become overweight or obese in a matter of decades. Think...
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Anti-Biotech ‘Crop Crushing’ Is The New Book-Burning
(July 29th, 2008)
It’s been a scorching hot summer in the debate over genetically modified (GM) crops. As we reported last month, anti-technology activists have been in a collective hissy fit since an overwhelming tide of scientists and political leaders began to publicly acknowledge the potential of GM foods to feed...
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California’s Silliest Law Is About To Get Sillier
(July 28th, 2008)
“Warning labels that warn against any infinitesimal risk are essentially useless,” the popular Consumerist blog observed last week in a discussion of California’s cancer-labels-on-everything “Proposition 65” law. “The outbreak of warning labels spawned by Proposition 65 is so widespread that consumers are being conditioned to ignore them.”...
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Quote of the Week
(July 25th, 2008)
Nutrition nannies are less than jazzed about America’s cultural focus on free will. Take, for instance, the food cops at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. This week, CSPI threw a tantrum when U.S. consumers gained another food choice (a Thin Mint cookie Blizzard) of...
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Same Old, Same Old …
(July 24th, 2008)
We hear dire warnings daily. Health experts have cautioned against talking on cell phones, eating butter, drinking tap water, and even sitting too close to the office printer. From bad to good and then back again, there’s almost no aspect of our lives that hasn’t been dubbed “dangerous”...
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Food Cops Closer To Banning Fast Food
(July 23rd, 2008)
  After moving out of committee yesterday, Los Angeles’ proposed “fast food” moratorium is one step closer to becoming law. It’s worthwhile to note that L.A. County commissioned a study last year, which found “fast food” restaurants were not significantly correlated with childhood obesity. This didn’t faze the food cops....
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Food Cops Target Your Freedom. We Fire Back.
(July 22nd, 2008)
Our national fascination with obesity attracts plenty of media attention. And with more than a few politicians in search of the limelight, that means there’s a lot of legislation focused on the issue too. At home and across the globe, food cops are going after our...
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PCRM Hits Rock Bottom. Again.
(July 21st, 2008)
Things must be getting pretty desperate over at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). The fringe animal rights group has made quite a name for itself by playing doctor, giving out bum nutrition advice, and discouraging Americans from donating to their favorite cancer charities. And...
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Fake Meat, Fake Protest
(July 18th, 2008)
All that dementia-inducing tofu seems to have gotten to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign manager Ashley Byrne’s brain already. Every year the animal rights group stages a veggie-dog protest on Capitol Hill to express its anger at the annual celebration of read more here »