Quote of the Week — And We’re Citing Ourselves!

Can we all agree on one thing? People for the Ethical Treatment of animals (PETA) only has its modern media footprint because reporters and editors continually jump at the chance to cover its stupid activist tricks. If journalism schools only included a core-curriculum course on “avoiding single-issue extremist douche-bags,” PETA might very well dry up and blow away.
Maclean’s, Canada’s answer to Newsweek, took a shot at examining this phenomenon last week. As PETA tried to make hay with a 17-year-old protest ad tying meat production to a mass murder (yawn…), Maclean’s quoted the Center for Consumer Freedom’s research director about the media spectacle that is PETA—and just how ridiculous it has become.

“It’s the journalists, stupid,” he quips. “I think most ordinary people tune PETA out and wish the media would too.”

Hear that, PETA? We’ve cracked your dastardly code. From now on, it’s strictly “Animal Planet” for PETA’s finest. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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