More Vegan Tripe From The Phony “Cancer Project”

If you ever need a reassurance that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and its “Cancer Project” spinoff are phony pseudo-health groups, just read the disclaimer found on both groups’ Internet home pages: “Th[is] Web site does not provide medical or legal advice. This site is for information purposes only.” And all the information you need to know about today’s fast-food survey from the Cancer Project is right there in its own report. Pity it didn’t make it into the group’s deceptive press release.

How to decode this animal rights exercise masquerading as health advice? Simple. Just read it:

… The Cancer Project ranked all Value Menu offerings at each eatery. Items with the most points were ranked as the least healthful. 
Points were given if the menu item had the following:

Grilled meat/fish/poultry: 1 point for every grilled item

Processed meats: 1 point for every processed meat item

High-fat dairy: 1 point for every high-fat dairy item…

There were other criteria—a sandwich without “lettuce, tomato or any significant fruit or vegetable” was a no-no, for instance—but meat and dairy foods were The Cancer Project’s top red flags. No wonder cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches got short shrift.
The bottom line, as we’re telling reporters today, is this: The folks at PCRM and its “Cancer Project” don’t want you to eat meat, and they’re not above using scare tactics to get what they want. Getting you to “go veg” is as important to their animal rights agenda as shutting down zoos or stopping research on cures for AIDS or cancer. After all, this is the same group that used the death of White House Press Secretary Tony Snow last summer as an occasion for pepperoni scaremongering.

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