Hollywood fashion trends tend to be as fleeting as the seasons. But one craze has proved to be as durable — and as unsightly — as spandex and jean shorts.  We speak, of course, of the meatless-diet mini-trend. But thankfully, not every celebrity is content to follow the grass-eating herd. Actress Bijou Phillips has had enough of the PETA-designed affectations consuming her mindless peers. Asked by the Los Angeles Times how her recent departure from a vegan diet has made her feel, Phillips dropped this dietary bombshell:

I feel good! I’m sick and I’ve been sick four times since I’ve been vegan and I hadn’t been sick for five years before that. I need to eat food because this isn’t working. Every vegan I know gets sick all the time.

She’s not imagining things. Countless studies have shown that eating meat is good for you, and that a meat-free diet can lead to malnutrition, health risks, and birth defects — making Bijou’s return to reality both iconoclastic and smart.