Quote of the Week

This week’s quote is brought to you by Tessa Williams, a lifelong vegetarian who discovered the joys of eating meat as an “almost fortysomething.” This born-again carnivore explains what went into her decision to shun tofu and embrace lamb chops:

I see my decision to return to meat as part of a bigger change in Britain’s food culture. We’ve shifted away from the old-school “meat is murder” approach, and now well-sourced meat is seen as healthy and natural.

She’s right, of course. Adding meat to her diet means Williams won’t have to worry about iron or vitamin B-12 deficiencies ever again. And as we’ve said before, despite activist claims that meat production is “unsustainable,” it seems we’ve been able to sustain it so far.
So Williams should feel free to order beef Wellington and dig into shepherd’s pie. British cooking has come a long way under the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay – it would be a shame not to enjoy it. 

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