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Call them what you will, but you can’t accuse PETA folks of being lazy. When they’re not opposing medical research aimed at curing AIDS and cancer, or getting scolded by a German court for comparing animal slaughter to the Holocaust, or giving money to violent criminals, they’re doing other things. Like killing 2,124 pets a year. But even all that doesn’t account for their entire work schedule. (That may just be their lunch break.)
So how do PETA activists spend their days? Pulling ridiculous stunts that make them look like fools. This makes our job a lot easier, but unfortunately their gimmicks nearly always have victims. As we reported last week, PETA has stooped down so low that it now harasses school children in an attempt to scare them away from the circus.
On Wednesday night, political commentator Bill O’Reilly asked comedian Dennis Miller what he thought about PETA’s circus act. Miller responded:
I think PETA people are emotional wrecks. I think they have been so horribly disappointed by their fellow human beings that they have to cozy up to a ferret to have a friend. And I think there are even animals out there who are embarrassed that they front them. They ought to lay off the kids, although psychologically and intellectually, that’s who they’re akin to. But the simple fact is kids love the circus. And PETA to get in the middle of that, it’s just, you know, like I said, it’s embarrassing to them.

Definitely embarrassing. We would add that it’s disgraceful. And, sadly, also typical.

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