If you’re still under the impression that the Humane Society of the United States is an umbrella group for local pet shelters, think again. According to its most recent tax return (filed in November 2008), HSUS devoted less than 4 percent of its massive $91.5 million budget to hands-on dog and cat shelters in 2007. We broke the news to reporters this morning.
As we’re busy telling the media today,

Pet lovers donated over $85 million to HSUS in 2007, but only a tiny sliver of that went to helping homeless dogs and cats.
That’s nothing compared to what HSUS spends hassling hunters, complaining about circus elephants, and trying to remove meat and dairy foods from the American diet.
HSUS is telling Americans how hard it is for local shelters to stay open in this economic climate. But it’s taking their donations straight to the bank.

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