Taking On Soda Taxes
(August 31st, 2009)
Self-anointed food cops like newly minted Centers for Disease Control & Prevention chief Thomas Frieden keep proposing soda and junk food taxes as “solutions” to curb the nation’s growing waistlines (or to fund healthcare legislation). But as we covered before, “lifestyle” taxes will provide negligible benefits—at best—on...
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Adventures in Food Choice
(August 28th, 2009)
A veterinarian writing in USA Today offers this food for thought: Being a veterinarian and caring for animals doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating animal products. Her story raises an interesting point about foods we like to eat as a culture, and foods we don’t. Coincidentally, the National Post served up...
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The Fit-or-Fat Debate, Redux
(August 27th, 2009)
Writing online for Newsweek today, Daniel Heimpel has a simple message: Overselling the “obesity epidemic” isn’t getting us anywhere, since you can be both overweight and healthy. Fit and fat can be healthier than unfit and “normal” weight.  A few extra pounds aren't necessarily bad for us. In...
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Feelings Versus Facts: The Sugar Chronicles
(August 26th, 2009)
 The American Heart Association (AHA) released guidelines on Monday about the amount of added sugar that Americans should consume. Unfortunately, this report is likely to contribute to the hysteria surrounding high fructose corn syrup. Most recently, the founder of an Indianapolis farmers market, who has been adamant about keeping corn sugar out of her kitchen and using...
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Food Cop’s Junk Proposal Gets Trashed
(August 25th, 2009)
An opinion piece in today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel reveals the truly haughty attitude behind proposed taxes on so-called “junk food”: People are too lazy to figure out food choices for themselves. We’re not making this up. As the writer puts it:
Anyone can eat healthy cheaply. Many people are...
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TIME Out of Bounds on Agriculture Reporting
(August 24th, 2009)
TIME reporter Bryan Walsh took a cue from his friends behind Food, Inc. and hyped an impending food crisis in this week’s magazine cover story. But if you’re looking for the real story about agriculture, you won’t find it in “Getting Real About the High Price of...
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PETA Activists Are a Bunch of Blowholes
(August 21st, 2009)
We never seem to run out of attempts by self-anointed “food police” groups to regulate our diets for us through soda or food taxes and frivolous lawsuits. And as we told you last week, the fringe animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of...
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Quote of the Week
(August 20th, 2009)
We’ve written before about the outlandish and outrageous attempts by food activists to regulate and police what we eat, like obesity agitator MeMe Roth’s crusade against ice cream toppings. On Monday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal served up an editorial gem titled “A Food Nazi finally goes...
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Straight Talk About Sugars? That’s Sweet.
(August 19th, 2009)
 Consumers are often confused by all the conflicting information out there about sweeteners. To help clear the air, we’ve built a new website to help bust the myths about the sweeter things in life. SweetScam.com dives into the facts about table sugar, beet sugar, brown sugar, corn...
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Food Cop Logic is Toxic Waste
(August 18th, 2009)
A few weeks ago, we commented on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s obesity conference in Washington, DC, reminding readers that government regulation will be a part of the obesity-fighting problem. Coinciding with the conference, the Urban Institute released a study that wiggled into a few news stories by claiming...
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