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We’ve written before about the outlandish and outrageous attempts by food activists to regulate and police what we eat, like obesity agitator MeMe Roth’s crusade against ice cream toppings. On Monday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal served up an editorial gem titled “A Food Nazi finally goes too far,” detailing the rise and fall of Dr. Jason Newsom, a Health Department chief in Florida.
Newsom’s one-man obesity war included flashing and bleeping electronic warning signs near his office reading "Hamburger = Spare Tire," "French Fries = Thunder Thighs," and “Sweet Tea = Liquid Sugar.” Then he attacked the donut man with the claim that "America Dies on Dunkin’." That was too much for County Commissioner Mike Thomas, who happened to own a Dunkin’ franchise and a local diner. Said Thomas to the Associated Press:

I think he was somewhat of a zealot. I don’t have a problem with him pushing an agenda, it’s the way he did it. People borrowed money to go into business and they are being attacked by the government.

Newsom’s bosses agreed. "My method was a little provocative and controversial," the now former Health Department chief countered, "but there wasn’t a person in Bay County who wasn’t talking about health and healthy eating."
And, we might add, over-reaching government do-gooders who should look before they bleep.

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