A Highly Processed Myth
(September 30th, 2009)
We spread the word yesterday about our launch of a new million-dollar ad campaign to take on misinformation about the much-maligned high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or corn sugar. Today, we’re telling readers of several newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and the Palm Beach Post,...
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CCF Special: Ad Launch Tackles Not-So-Sweet Myths
(September 29th, 2009)
While you were enjoying your morning latte today, we launched a new million-dollar ad campaign designed to put an end to the ridiculous fear mongering surrounding high fructose corn syrup. We’ll be communicating to the public what most experts already know: High fructose corn syrup is read more here »

The Locavore’s New Clothes?
(September 29th, 2009)
Author James McWilliams has stirred the pot with his new book Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly. In it, he takes on some of the fundamentalist foodies’ most common (and egregious) assertions about “buying local.” We don’t agree with everything...
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When Nudge Turns to Shove
(September 28th, 2009)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t alone in his New York City anti-salt crusade (even if he salts his own popcorn to extremes). Today, Crain’s New York Business profiles the man who has stepped into the role of the Big Apple’s Health Commissioner and newest dietary scold: Thomas “Doctor...
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NYC Is Pouring on the Guilt
(September 25th, 2009)
If you thought Mayor Bloomberg’s salt antics were bad, the New York City nanny government is not to be outdone. The City Board of Health recently spent over $300,000 making subway posters that grotesquely attempt to vilify soft drinks. The ads feature a drink being poured into a...
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Feeding the Future World
(September 24th, 2009)
In case you missed it, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) announced important news yesterday. According to FAO, by 2050 the world will need 70 percent more food (compared to what we produce today) in order to feed an expected population of 9.1 billion. This projection serves...
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Hizzoner’s Nanny Culture, With a Grain of Salt
(September 23rd, 2009)
The New York Times reports today that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been caught “salt-handed.” Despite targeting sodium in his latest nanny-state crusade, the mayor privately enjoys pouring it on by the shaker-load:
Under his watch, the city has declared sodium an enemy, asking restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily...
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HSUS Targets Ohio in Political Cockfight
(September 22nd, 2009)
 The animal-rights industry is pushing back against Issue 2, a ballot initiative in Ohio that would create a board to develop statewide standards for livestock care. But even if it passes, Issue 2 is not enough to guarantee that Ohio farmers will always have a say in how...
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Quote of the Week
(September 21st, 2009)
We’ve covered a multitude of arguments against soda taxes. Speaking recently at the Rotary Club of Atlanta, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent gave his own take (and perhaps the pithiest argument yet):
I have never seen it work where a government tells people what to eat and what to...
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Toss the Scaremongering, Dr. Oz — Not the Corn Sugar
(September 18th, 2009)
Pop doc Mehmet Oz hosts a weekday TV show that offers health tips to viewers. But on one of his recent topics, his prescription got a little, well, quacky. In a segment titled “10 Major Agers,” the doctor advised viewers to throw out anything with high fructose corn...
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