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The extremists at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals can engage in some rather boneheaded antics in the name of animal “rights” (or just attracting the media). Of course, their idiotic ploys are generally planned out beforehand. But what would happen if PETA couldn’t control the situation, and something more off-the-cuff developed? Country music singer Blake Shelton took on PETA in a War of Words on Twitter this week. And from the looks of it, Shelton got the better of the animal rights nuts:

PETA: Meat is Murder!
SHELTON: Yes, delicious murder….
PETA: Fish are our friends not our food. Sea Kittens have feelings too
SHELTON: Now I have a craving for fried catfish….
PETA: Impaling fish with hooks = cruelty.
SHELTON: Enduring that stupid comment = cruelty
PETA We don’t believe in hunting, anyone or anything
SHELTON: Me either!! That’s why I use bait to make deer come to me!!
[Shelton]: Dear PETA.. Picking on our U.S. Military now? You’ve reached a new level of dip****ness!…
PETA: Feeling like a beached whale this summer?
SHELTON: More like a clubbed seal….

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