NYC Is Pouring on the Guilt

If you thought Mayor Bloomberg’s salt antics were bad, the New York City nanny government is not to be outdone. The City Board of Health recently spent over $300,000 making subway posters that grotesquely attempt to vilify soft drinks. The ads feature a drink being poured into a glass overflowing with globs of human fat and warn readers not to “drink yourself fat.” Today we’re running our own ads in the Big Apple to remind New Yorkers of a key fact: All food has calories, so all food can cause weight gain.
As we’re telling the press:

The New York Board of ‘Hype’ outdid themselves with these over-the-top, gross-out ads. New York City regulators seem dead set on demonizing and regulating just about every aspect of New Yorkers lives. The Board of Health’s campaign is the latest example of the city’s disdainful belief that when it comes to matters of personal health, the city knows best.
The Board of Health shouldn’t be using New Yorkers’ money to run offensive PR campaigns telling them what they should or should not be drinking. It doesn’t take $300,000 in focus groups to tell us that eating or drinking too much of anything with calories makes people fat.

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