CCF Special: Cast Your Vote for 2010 PCRM Membership Cards

Today is the last day for members of the grossly misnamed “Physicians" Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to vote on the design of their 2010 membership cards. We noticed that PCRM’s suggested designs failed to capture the PETA-inspired animal rights philosophy of the group, like its opposition to using animals in potentially life-saving medical research and PCRM President Neal Barnard’s radical beliefs and ties, and – of course – its habit of confusing vegetarianism with medicine.
So we’re offering our own designs for next year’s PCRM membership cards. Click on any of our suggestions to learn more about PCRM. And certainly, feel free to e-mail PCRM and tell them which design you picked.
A note to PCRM’s overgrown legal staff: This is parody. These are not actual PCRM membership cards. (But they should be.)

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