SCOTUS Nominee: Food Fascism Is “Dumb”
(June 30th, 2010)
With the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens from the Supreme Court, President Obama’s nominee Elena Kagan is now testifying before the Senate during her confirmation hearings. While such Q&A sessions are generally boring and typically see nominees offering vague and non-committal answers, Kagan served up some fresh...
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Reality Check: Food Isn’t Tobacco
(June 29th, 2010)
Given the success of the anti-smoking movement in establishing government control over tobacco, it’s no surprise that trial lawyers and other self-anointed “food cops” consistently cite the movement as the blueprint for their attacks. That’s because the agenda of these anti-food activists requires wide-ranging and invasive government...
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Obesity Roundtable Showcases Weighty Debate
(June 28th, 2010)
With a newly released study finding that childhood obesity may be declining, there’s finally some good news in the national fight against fat. But despite those signs of progress, there’s still plenty of contention among researchers looking into obesity’s causes. Last week our senior research analyst appeared on “Ideas In Action” with moderator Jim...
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Menu Labeling Advocate Admits Failure
(June 25th, 2010)
For years, public health activists have clamored for mandatory calorie labeling in restaurants as a way to fight obesity—despite acknowledging a lack of scientific support for the concept. “For some of the most important public health problems today, society does not have the luxury to await scientific...
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One Vegan’s Account of a Cattle Feedlot
(June 24th, 2010)
If there’s one thing livestock farmers worry about, it’s “undercover” animal rights activists who lie on their job applications so they can shoot film that their real employers later splice into nasty shock films. It’s a favorite tactic of groups like the so-called “Humane Society” of the United States,...
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Fat Taxes Are Bad Policy and Bad Business
(June 23rd, 2010)
Remember Barry Popkin? He’s the University of North Carolina professor who originated the theory—which he now fully admits was incorrect—that high fructose corn syrup is a unique contributor to obesity. With his previous hypothesis thoroughly discredited, he’s jumping on the “Twinkie Tax” bandwagon, pushing for new...
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Another Week, Another Fad Celebrity Diet
(June 21st, 2010)
Whether it’s pushy vegans or organic snobs, it seems like Hollywood’s C-list always has an opinion about the best ways for us mere mortals to lose weight. The latest newcomer to the scene is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. In her newest...
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Researcher to Salt Police: Back Off
(June 18th, 2010)
With an April report from the Institute of Medicine urging the FDA to revisit sodium’s “generally recognized as safe” status, self-anointed food cops are hoping that strict regulations on salt are just around the corner. We’ve been skeptical of this salt assault, which is 30 years in...
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Eco-Unfriendly Organic?
(June 17th, 2010)
With the U.S. Senate’s rejection of legislation last week that would have limited the EPA’s power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, climate change is once again grabbing national attention. If you listen to the organic-only food movement’s true believers, you’d think 19th-century food production is a panacea for rising...
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Dietary Guidelines Report: The Good and the Bad
(June 16th, 2010)
Yesterday a government panel of scientists advising the Dietary Guidelines Committee released its final report for 2010. The federal government’s official Dietary Guidelines are revisited every five years in order to keep them current with the latest science-based nutrition and dietary research. The results brought some good news...
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