Happy New Year from CCF!
(December 30th, 2010)
It's almost New Year’s Eve, and that means it's time to ring in 2011. (Weren't we just worrying about the "Y2K bug"? How time flies.) If you're like us, you’re planning on indulging a little bit tomorrow night. Whether you'll be chowing down on finger foods at a party...
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Pulling Back the Curtain on Dr. Oz’s High Fructose Corn Syrup Hysteria
(December 29th, 2010)
Dr. Mehmet Oz is television's most self-promoting "You Doc" and a leading food hysteric. Needless to say, he's completely bought into the hyperventilating paranoia over corn sugar:
This is one of the most important health tips we gave you in 2010. We'd repeat it to you every day if you...
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Standing Up for Santa Claus
(December 28th, 2010)
Gearing up to welcome the new decade this weekend? We certainly are, and we’re closing out 2010 in part by looking back at the last 10 years of crazy big government policies proposed by the self-anointed “food police.” We laid out our Top Five dumbest food cop proposals over...
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Merry Christmas from the Center for Consumer Freedom!
(December 23rd, 2010)
It's almost Christmas, our favorite time of year here at the Center for Consumer Freedom. Christmas means time with family, lots of presents, and, of course, good food. Whether you prefer turkey or ham, apple pie or pumpkin pie, chances are you're planning to indulge a little bit. And...
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St. Paul High Schools to Become Sanity-Free Zones
(December 22nd, 2010)
Just in time for Christmas, here's a bit of holiday cheer out of Minnesota:
Jill Gebeke made it a habit to reward herself with a small piece of chocolate after lunch every day. It's hard work being a school principal, after all. But the chocolate rewards ended last month when...
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Newest Obesity Culprit: Potatoes and White Rice
(December 21st, 2010)
Obesity has a new scapegoat, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture says we’re supposed to eat three ounces of it every day. Uh oh: Time to eliminate those carbs from your diet (again).
growing number of top nutritional scientists blame excessive carbohydrates — not fat — for...
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Momma’s Got a Brand New Bag (That’s Full of Lead)
(December 20th, 2010)
Disturbing information is beginning to emerge about dangers from the reusable bags environmentalists have encouraged us to use (and some localities have practically mandated). According to a report in the Tampa Tribune, the bags, most of which are imported from China, may contain excessive levels of lead. As a result, U.S....
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HSUS’s Michael Vick Scandal Hits The New York Times
(December 20th, 2010)
If you haven’t heard the shocking news, here it is: Last Wednesday Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) CEO Wayne Pacelle told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that convicted dog-fighting kingpin Michael Vick “would do a good job as a pet owner.” It was a slap in...
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The Top Five Dumbest Food Cop Proposals of the Decade
(December 17th, 2010)
It's been a busy decade here at the Center for Consumer Freedom. We've had our hands full battling a seemingly endless mob of food fearmongerers and the absurd ideas they try to sneak into the mainstream. As 2010 draws to a close, our op-ed in the Las Vegas...
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Phony Physicians Committee Earns Itself Free Press (But not a Free Pass)
(December 16th, 2010)
Here we go again. The ridiculously misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM is a PETA front-group and a “physicians committee” in name only) has released another red-meat advertisement that bought it a juicy and succulent round of controversy. (That's not offensive, is it?) It seems Houston television...
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