CSPI Gives Washingtonians the Toddler Treatment
(February 28th, 2011)
It’s no secret that the cost of groceries is rising as fuel prices inch towards record levels. So why is The Washington Post pouring the praise on an organization (and its leader) with a long record of trying to tax certain foods out of families’ budgets? Perhaps Post reporter...
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Humane Honesty At Last
(February 25th, 2011)
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has a good PR game going on: Its promotional material largely focuses on the welfare of dogs and cats, but a significant proportion of its resources are spent promoting the rights of other animals—including cows, pigs, and chickens. It’s a...
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Food Cops Have a Cow Over Chocolate Milk (Again)
(February 24th, 2011)
Food activists are once again trying to justify a nationwide ban on a beverage beloved by children and adults alike: chocolate milk. Both nutritious and delicious, chocolate milk is taking a bum rap for a crime it hasn’t committed. Despite the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s warning that “kids are...
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Michael Pollan’s Mission to Reverse Progress
(February 23rd, 2011)
When food writer Michael Pollan romanticizes the days when our great-grandmothers were preparing meals from scratch, it’s not because he’s craving a taste of the “Old World.” Pollan, warns one skeptic of his work, is just teasing his readers with a sweet whiff of nostalgia that ultimately stinks up...
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Healthy Cafeteria Food Doesn’t Have to Be “Nasty”
(February 22nd, 2011)
Public schools in many states are eagerly promoting healthy eating for children, and that’s a good first step toward making kids—well, healthier. (If more of them would bring back mandatory physical education, we’d really have something to talk about.) Unfortunately, some schools have merely replaced “mystery meat” with something equally...
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Organic Activists Pursue Utopia at Any Cost
(February 21st, 2011)
Unless you live in a so-called “food desert,” chances are excellent that you can find organic produce in your local grocery store. There’s certainly a market for organic food in wealthy countries like ours, and that’s a fine choice for those who want to buy it. But as we’re...
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The Dose Makes the Poison (Even if You’re a Rat)
(February 18th, 2011)
One of America’s foremost authorities on manipulating the media to spark panic among health-conscious consumers is never far from making the news cycle. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), our thirst for cola could also be killing us with cancer—if you’re a tiny...
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Biotech Alfalfa Approval Sprouts Mythology
(February 17th, 2011)
The federal government recently abandoned a “burdensome” proposal to restrict the planting of biotech alfalfa, sprouting fierce debate among fact-seekers and storytellers alike. Today, we’ll compare notes from two eco-friendly food writers who have dramatically different ideas about what their readers should know. New York Times food pundit read more here »

Phony “Medical” Group Sues Again
(February 16th, 2011)
Still bitter over the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) not taking its “medical” advice to heart in the 2011 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, one animal rights group is hoping a sympathetic judge will help ram its anti-meat agenda down the USDA’s throat—and yours. Led by Dr. Neal Barnard, a...
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Taste and Price Still Trump Nanny-State Menu Labeling
(February 15th, 2011)
Restaurant menu labeling, an ongoing social experiment conducted by anti-obesity crusaders, has consistently failed to save citizens from themselves—which leaves us wondering when nanny-state calorie counters will call it quits and cut their losses. About twelve months ago, America’s foremost anti-obesity fanatics were hyping the idea that scaring restaurant patrons...
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