Super Supporter Goes to Bat for Consumer Freedom

Irreverent celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has no reservations about a lot of things, including “adult Americans’ right to eat themselves to death.” That might be a little extreme, but it hints at Bourdain’s worldview with respect to food. We caught a glimpse of that last night during his popular Travel Channel show.

This episode of “No Reservations” included a scene with Bourdain and equally irreverent rocker-turned-hunter Ted Nugent discussing food issues on WRKO’s Howie Carr show. Here's our favorite exchange:

Caller “Bill from Maine”: I do not want a dictated diet. I want the right to eat what I like regardless of whether or not it’s healthy…

Bourdain: I support fully all, you know, all adult Americans’ right to eat themselves to death. It's pretty much what I’m doing for a living…

Bill: I would like people to go to and understand this is the Center for Consumer Freedom that fights for our right to choose what we eat regardless of whether or not it’s good for us … We are not each other’s property. We are individuals and we deserve the right to make our own choices … I’m not your responsibility.

We couldn’t have said it better. Thanks to Bill and everyone else who shares our mission of promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices—whether it’s by engaging talk show hosts and their guests, discussing these issues with your family, or letting everyone know where you stand on decisions you make for yourself and your family.

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