The Willy Wonka Weight-Loss Revolution
(June 30th, 2011)
How sweet it is: A new study published in the journal Food & Nutrition Research demonstrates that kids who eat candy tend to weigh less than kids who don’t. How can this be? On the surface, it appears to all come down to exercise: Candy-consuming children...
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Exercising Our Right to Slim Down
(June 29th, 2011)
Is First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” program just “moving” us all toward government food control? Although the initiative’s very name suggests a spotlight on the exercise half of the obesity equation, observers are beginning to raise questions (and eyebrows) about its apparent focus on food-policy reform. George Washington...
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WARNING: California Ballot Initiatives May Be Hazardous to your Sanity
(June 28th, 2011)
“The comment ‘Only in California’ is hardly ever a compliment,” we write in an essay published yesterday by The Daily Caller. We’re referring, of course, to Proposition 65, the warning-label law that only a trial lawyer could love. It’s been eight years since we first told you...
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Who to Believe About Obesity? Use Your Noggin
(June 24th, 2011)
Another day, another headline-grabbing study that claims to end the obesity debate. Today’s newsmaker: Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health are claiming that meat, soft drinks, potatoes, and – oh right – sedentary lifestyles are responsible for the country’s obesity problem. But this new study contradicts...
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A PETA Chef, Reinvented
(June 23rd, 2011)
Today the Los Angeles Times published a profile of Tal Ronnen, the “vegan rock-star chef” who once persuaded Oprah to try a “vegan cleanse” for 21 days. (She eventually bailed on the experiment, explaining: “After four days everybody's like ‘How do you feel? How do you feel?’ read more here »

Talk (Radio) with the Animals
(June 21st, 2011)
PETA is a disgrace,” said syndicated radio host Mark Levin yesterday, after our executive director told his national audience of 8.5 million listeners about our shocking PETA Kills Animals website. “Next time you see someone from PETA, or the PETA organization,” Levin concluded, “just ask...
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Michael Nutter and Kelly Brownell: A Match Made in Kindergarten
(June 20th, 2011)
On Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a startling report about beverage consumption. American teens, the report concludes, drank less sugary soda last year than in 2009—a lot less. The number of high school-age U.S. soda drinkers dropped by 5 percent in just one year. If soda taxes...
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Nanny-State Absurdity of the Week
(June 17th, 2011)
We thought we’d have to search far and wide this week to find something more ridiculous than the Maryland county government that fined a group of kids $500 for running an unlicensed lemonade stand. (They were raising money for pediatric cancer research.) But three times zones away, big-city lawmakers could soon demonstrate...
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Driving Ourselves to Obesity?
(June 16th, 2011)
In our travels covering America’s obsession with obesity, we’ve seen a ridiculously broad (and sometimes downright comical) list of supposed causes for our collective love-handles and muffin-tops. Most of the blame, of course, has fallen on food and beverages. So if you’re munching on a bran muffin or eating...
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‘And If You Donate Now, We’ll Throw In a Copy of My Book …’
(June 15th, 2011)
If you’re a regular visitor to, our watchdog website that chronicles the activities of the Humane Society of the United States, you’ve seen “The Visual HSUS,” a graphic series exploring a side of the HSUS you never knew existed. Today’s entry, the third in that series,...
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