Salt Causes Dementia, Eh? Not So Fast.
(August 30th, 2011)
With the publication of two studies in the past few months tripping up the War on Salt, a new study threatens to give ammo to the sodium police. The research is already being spun with headlines such as “Too Much Salt is Bad for the...
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Al Gore: Meat = Global Warming
(August 29th, 2011)
Former Vice President Al Gore is well known for his advocacy work on climate-change issues. But a new interview with Gore is making waves—and not just for his comparison of climate-change skeptics to racists. Politico reports on Gore’s super-serial indictment of farming: "Industrial agriculture is a...
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Fish-Oil Salesman Puts Poor Children at Risk
(August 24th, 2011)
Dr. Joseph Mercola has a lot of strange ideas (like his comparison of chicken nuggets to Silly Putty), but the Internet’s most famous osteopath couldn’t be more self-servingly wrong in his blog post about fish oil this week. On, he writes:
There are times when supplements can be...
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HSUS: D-D-Dreadful Charity Practices
(August 23rd, 2011)
Three times a year, the venerable American Institute of Philanthropy (which runs analyzes publicly reported information from charities and issues a report card grading how well these organizations spend their money. Unlike other charity analysts, AIP digs past the face-value data to get a more accurate measure...
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FDA Fries Acrylamide Hype
(August 22nd, 2011)
When law students resort to suing their alma mater, it may signal a weak employment market for the litigiously inclined. Unfortunately, some California lawyers have been putting their degrees to use in another creative but abusive way: bounty-hunting under Proposition 65, the state’s toxic “right-to-know” law....
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Quote of the Week
(August 19th, 2011)
In defense of genetically modified (GM) foods, Nina V. Fedoroff – a professor of biology at Penn State and the former science and technology adviser to the secretary of state – has penned a fascinating look at the benefits of GM in The New York Times. She reminds...
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A Vegan Manifesto Wearing a Weight-Loss Halo
(August 18th, 2011)
Neal Barnard, president of the deceptively named “Physicians Committee” for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), is hitting the road this month on a book tour to promote his 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart program. The casual observer might think this is yet another hardcover to fill up the self-help section....
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PETA: Porno-mongers for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(August 17th, 2011)
It’s been a while since we’ve written much about People for the "Ethical Treatment" of Animals (PETA), generally because the animal-rights group has turned into a circus sideshow. But today’s breaking news is too good to pass up. PETA’s lettuce-bikini activism is about to go online—only this...
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News Roundup: A Phony “Watchdog” and Fishy Food Fears
(August 15th, 2011)
August may be a traditionally slow news cycle, but we’re lighting up the media. In Roll Call, a popular publication among the Capitol Hill crowd and DC policy wonks, we expose an inside-the-beltway organization called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) that masquerades as a nonpartisan watchdog....
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Salt Police Go Global
(August 12th, 2011)
In commentary published online today by the British Medical Journal, public health activists call for a global campaign to reduce salt consumption. With their eyes on an upcoming United Nations meeting on non-communicable diseases, they propose governmental limits on the amount of salt that can be in food. The commentary’s basis...
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