Watch Dog, Attack Dog, or Lap Dog?

Today, a subsidiary of the Center for Consumer Freedom, released a new report shining the spotlight on one of the most deceptive groups in Washington, DC: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). In the media, CREW positions itself as a “nonpartisan watchdog” organization that holds politicians and political groups to high ethics and accountability standards. But as we reveal at, in reality CREW does nothing more than play “fetch” for its left-wing masters.

You’ll normally see CREW in action when it files an ethics complaint against a Congressman or calls for an investigation of one group or another. (CREW has targeted us with frivolous complaints in the past.) But all of this supposedly unbiased work has a hidden agenda. Seventy-six percent of the complaints CREW filed with the Federal Election Commission were targeted at Republicans and right-leaning groups; only 10 percent were filed against Democrats and left-leaning groups. And 100 percent of complaints CREW filed with the IRS have attacked conservative nonprofit organizations and Republican members of Congress.

Sensing a trend?

Like many of the other groups that we’ve profiled on, CREW’s funding tells a lot about the group’s agenda. In addition to receiving money from George Soros’s Open Societies Institute, CREW has received funding from the SEIU, Democracy Alliance, and other groups that strongly support Democratic politicians.

Ironically, CREW attacks other nonprofits for not revealing their donors. But when it comes to CREW’s donors, executive director Melanie Sloan doesn’t take her own group’s advice, saying, “I wouldn't have any donors if I revealed all my donors.” Or, rather, CREW’s credibility would be where it should be: nonexistent.

Head on over to for the full story on how one of DC’s “watchdogs” does little more than lick the liberal hand that feeds it.

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