It’s Shark Week for the Animal-Rights Lobby
(September 30th, 2011)
PETA is known for many things, but good taste? Not one of them. The latest case in point: a billboard slated to go up in Sarasota that mocks a local man who was severely bitten in the thigh by a bull shark this week, landing him in intensive...
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Global Food Government?
(September 29th, 2011)
The United Nations met recently in New York to discuss public health issues, including non-communicable conditions like obesity. And who other than New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to show up and promote more government involvement in what people eat—worldwide. However, the premises behind the public health “mandate” for overreaching policies are...
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PCRM Pulls PETA-esque Publicity Stunt
(September 28th, 2011)
We had to laugh when we saw that the misnamed “Physicians Committee” for “Responsible Medicine” (yes, it’s deserving of all the scare quotes) put up a billboard in Wisconsin featuring the Grim Reaper wearing a cheesehead. The obvious message is that the Dairy State’s most notable and...
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Halt the Salt Assault
(September 27th, 2011)
When America’s self-anointed “food police” compare salt to addictive drugs, you know their compass is more than a little out of whack. But that’s just what the scolds at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) believe, declaring years ago that salt is the “deadly white powder...
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Likening Hamburgers to Heroin Is a Dopey Comparison
(September 26th, 2011)
New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman started off his Saturday column with promise. He acknowledged that it’s “just plain wrong” to assume that fast food is cheaper than homecooked healthy meals – a fact we’ve pointed out as well, even if picking up dinner is occasionally...
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Time to Boycott Mark Bittman?
(September 23rd, 2011)
In his latest New York Times column, professional food alarmist Mark Bittman asks whether it’s time to boycott tuna, depending on the success or failure of a new Greenpeace campaign asking companies to reduce by-catch from their operations. Greenpeace is a fringe group described by its own cofounder as “anti-science” and “basically anti-civilization,”...
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Lunch-Line Losses?
(September 21st, 2011)
Healthy-school-lunch reformers were pleased last year to see the passage of federal legislation mandating changes in what school cafeterias can serve. But according to The New York Times, these reforms may actually be driving parents to give their kids bagged lunches: Under a little-noticed provision of the child nutrition bill signed by President Obama...
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Exercising the Food Demons
(September 20th, 2011)
A new study from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases looks at why maintaining weight loss in the long term is such an elusive goal for so many Americans, and what those who are successful at it are doing differently. Not surprising to...
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Feds Press Dr. Oz Over Juice Scare
(September 19th, 2011)
We’ve long pointed out that “scarecrow” Dr. Oz’s TV show is far more about showmanship than any credible advice about food and nutrition. And now we’re not the only ones criticizing Dr. Oz: The Food and Drug Administration has jumped into the ring. In a recent episode, Oz reports...
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Food Cops: Eat Crow
(September 16th, 2011)
Food-police representatives from the Canadian branch of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) met with more than 140 other nongovernmental organizations in New York this week ahead of the United Nations’ summit on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) to discuss, among other things, the food industry’s...
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