The Daily Show Takes Frank Look at PCRM Campaign

The 90-percent-M.D.-free Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) ran a billboard campaign comparing hot dogs to cigarettes this summer (not for the first time). We’ve always found this campaign quite laughable, so it was only fitting to see Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart —as much a news organization as PCRM is a legitimate “Physicians Committee”—sat down with PCRM. And it’s everything you might expect, from flawed metaphors to phony claims of “addiction.”

It’s good to see people looking into PCRM’s claims of medical legitimacy and scientific objectivity. PCRM’s main claim that hot dogs are as bad for you as smokes is, of course, bunk. The American Cancer Society’s nutrition director has said that “an occasional hot dog isn’t going to increase that [cancer] risk.” And real scientists already know the truth about PCRM’s animal rights agenda. McGill University chemist Dr. Joe Schwarcz, who rightly called PCRM “a fanatical animal rights group with a clear cut agenda of promoting a vegan lifestyle,” hit the nail on the head when he said PCRM “masquerades as a just scientific body.” If even The Daily Show sees through the masquerade, PCRM’s justified marginalization can’t be far off. Watch the segment below.

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