This Week in Food Freedom: Junk Biotech Science, Organic Food as a Substitute Religion, and More
(September 28th, 2012)
The mainstream scientific community delivered swift blowback to an activist study claiming biotech crops cause cancer. McGill University’s Joe Schwarcz, whom we know has little time for ideologically blinded activists, summarizes the problems: “The control group was way too small, … Continue reading
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Debating PCRM Isn’t a Fair Fight
(September 27th, 2012)
We’ve followed the phony milk debate that anti-dairy activists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) are trying to reboot in the mainstream media. Meanwhile, another PCRM rep put pen to paper to engage in a Wall Street Journal … Continue reading
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School Lunches and a Lesson
(September 26th, 2012)
For a long time, we have cautioned that population-level policymaking can lead to unintended consequences and that students’ tastes are picky and that school lunches need to take them into account. That hasn’t stopped beverage banners and cupcake cops, but … Continue reading
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Pesticides Are Pesticides, Even if They’re “Organic”
(September 25th, 2012)
After the recent Stanford analysis finding that organic foods are not more nutritious than “conventional” foods, the refrain from the organic crowd was cliché. The real benefits of organic, they said, was reducing pesticide exposure. It might come as a … Continue reading
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New Study Predicts Life Expectancies Will Be Longer in 2040
(September 24th, 2012)
A favorite the-sky-is-falling claim of anti-food crusaders like Twinkie tax godfather Kelly Brownell and David Ludwig is, “Children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.” We have been suspicious of that assertion ever since it was made by … Continue reading
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Cheese Curls: Not The New Meth
(September 21st, 2012)
The New York Times’ health blog today proposes a question that Center for Science in the Public Interest president Michael Jacobson, America’s top food cop, recently called “blockbuster”: Is food just another drug? Are we hopelessly hooked on hot dogs? … Continue reading
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Food Police Try Step Three: The Legal Rainmaker
(September 20th, 2012)
“Legislation today, litigation tomorrow,” we wrote all the way back in 2003. We (unfortunately) were right. Although everyone seems to know at least one starving law student, we would still advise against forwarding them a job offer from Yale’s Rudd Center … Continue reading
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Faux Debate on Milk Repackaged, Still Spoiled
(September 19th, 2012)
It’s been almost two decades since Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), told us that giving kids meat and milk “is a form of child abuse.” And nearly 10 years have gone by since Barnard referred to cheese as “dairy … Continue reading
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Scary Statistic Alert: Will Half of Americans Be Obese By 2030?
(September 18th, 2012)
The Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) released its annual “F as in Fat” report on obesity today, and it now comes with predictions of what obesity rates will look like in the future. The Associated Press reports in scary red … Continue reading
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Anti-Biotechnology Rhetoric Withers on the Vine
(September 18th, 2012)
We’ve looked before at California’s ballot initiative to require that foods produced using biotechnology be labeled (and that labeling be enforced by the trial bar), and it’s in the news again in the lead-up to a November vote. The American Medical Association … Continue reading
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