Are Soda Scolds Super-Sizing Us with Sweetener Scares?
(January 31st, 2013)
Before New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene unleashed its War on Soda, there was its War on Trans Fat. And as we noted repeatedly at the time, the adoption of trans fats was actually nudged along by the Center for Science in the Public … Continue reading
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Big Brother Brownell to Be a Blue Devil
(January 30th, 2013)
In 1991, a young professor started his career at Yale. Many pants sizes, several awful proposals to regulate what everybody can eat and drink, and 22 years later, Kelly “Twinkie Tax” Brownell is moving on from Yale’s Rudd Center for Food … Continue reading
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Omelets Eggs-onerated?
(January 29th, 2013)
Today’s New York Times brings good news for breakfast lovers: A Harvard study has found that eating one egg a day did not increase the risk of heart disease. Old-timey myths that eggs were just “cholesterol bombs” aimed squarely at our arteries … Continue reading
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Same Silly Sweetener Scaremongering from Shameless Sap
(January 28th, 2013)
Daytime television’s self-promoting “You Doc,” Mehmet Oz, has a long history of scaremongering about high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which he continues in his syndicated column. The Great Oz blames HFCS for everything from aging arteries to obesity, and predicts everything from a better … Continue reading
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Fighting the Last Obesity War
(January 25th, 2013)
There’s an old saying about military generals: They plan to “fight the last war” rather than addressing new and evolving threats. This is perhaps best exemplified by World War II France’s Maginot Line, a series of World War I-style forts and … Continue reading
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New York’s Anti-Prohibitionists Get Day in Court
(January 24th, 2013)
Yesterday, a New York court heard the argument by groups opposing the New York City ban on sodas larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and other eateries. Advocates for consumer choice argued that the prohibition was improperly passed, discriminated against particular businesses, and … Continue reading
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Careening Down the Road to the Obesity Apocalypse at Zero M.P.H.
(January 23rd, 2013)
Last year, we saw a couple of projections of staggering increases in obesity over the next 20 years. We were skeptical at the time, noting that measures of obesity did not show a trend that would lead to the prophesied doom. But maybe the stress of … Continue reading
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Consumers Union Wrong Again on Food Science
(January 22nd, 2013)
The Consumers Union of the United States — the group that does the household appliance comparison tests and publishes the results in Consumer Reports — might know something about refrigerators, but its record and most recent foray into the food inside leaves … Continue reading
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Soda Taxes Arise Again in Hawaii, Vermont
(January 21st, 2013)
The impulse among America’s food police to tax soft drinks is an old one— Kelly “Twinkie tax” Brownell pushed the idea as early as 1994 — but it has the nine lives of a cat. Despite multiple defeats in Democratic-leaning districts last year and in the … Continue reading
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This Week in Food Freedom: Unintended Meat-Free Consequences, New York Hypocrites, and More
(January 18th, 2013)
British newspaper The Guardian brings us a gem of unintended consequences from the so-called “sustainable” food movement (that wins a striking lack of converts). Vegans and vegetarians looking for meat substitutes have turned to a South American grain, quinoa, and that decision has made life difficult in … Continue reading
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