Food Freedom News Roundup: Speaking out against Food Cop Press Stunts, PETA Campaign Leads to Cyber-Bullying, and More
(March 29th, 2013)
Our objections to the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s (CSPI) report attacking restaurants for their kids’ meal offerings received wide coverage. The Los Angeles Times and both reported our criticism of CSPI’s “blame game,” as did numerous local … Continue reading
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Food Police Hide Agenda Behind Children
(March 28th, 2013)
The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) makes no bones about its goals: It wants to scare you into asking the government to ban the foods you love. Why else would it hyperbolically call fettuccine alfredo a “heart … Continue reading
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A Veganism Story that’s Wrong
(March 27th, 2013)
Vegans love to claim that their “movement” is growing by leaps and bounds. They say that this time, the “logic” of veganism—which may kill more animals than eating a diet of grass-finished beef—will break through and that finally Americans will … Continue reading
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Ex-Exec: Thanks for the Money, Now You Must Pay
(March 26th, 2013)
All good anti-corporate campaigns have former, supposedly “reformed” industry insiders claiming that they saw treason and plot in their former, highly compensated jobs. The crusade to classify food as just a bit worse than crack cocaine or something follows this … Continue reading
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Bloomberg’s Legacy: A Nation United against His Policies
(March 25th, 2013)
Barring a change to New York City law—which Michael Bloomberg already got once before—the city’s Nanny-in-chief will be term limited out of office in January. With his reign nearing an end, commentators are beginning to question what his legacy will … Continue reading
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Doubling Down on Dubious
(March 22nd, 2013)
More “goodies” from the unpublished abstracts of yet-to-be-peer-reviewed research: According to the same team that built from discredited methodology to purport that soft drinks were lethal, one in ten Americans is killed by eating salt. This beggars belief, as it … Continue reading
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PETA’s True “Colours” Exposed
(March 21st, 2013)
For all the talk People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) offers on “ethical treatment,” the group does seem to kill a lot of pets in its animal shelter — over 1600 last year, for a kill rate just … Continue reading
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Purported Soda Death Links Lead to a Familiar Discredited Face
(March 20th, 2013)
A study—if you can call the unpublished abstract of not-yet-peer-reviewed research a “study”—presented at an American Heart Association (AHA) conference purports to implicate soda consumption in 180,000 deaths worldwide. Even taking the claim at face value, the supposed toll from … Continue reading
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Is Comfort Food Cranky Food?
(March 18th, 2013)
Being told he isn’t allowed to deprive New Yorkers of their soda might make Mayor Michael Bloomberg cranky, but he might take solace from a CBS Boston report that claims that comfort food makes you angry or violent or something. … Continue reading
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Unscientific Scare Labels Proposed in Several States
(March 15th, 2013)
Since the voters of California wisely rejected the misguided biotech food labeling scheme Proposition 37, activists have redoubled their efforts to shove these unnecessary notes onto food packaging. Washington will vote in November of this year on Initiative 522 if … Continue reading
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