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(Another) Soda Ban Gets the Can

130501_SUG_ColaDrinkWe wrote earlier this week about City of San Jose Councilman Ash Kalra’s proposal to ban ALL sodas and whole milk at city-owned facilities and events, even despite evidence that such regulations don’t achieve their ultimate goal of reducing obesity. Today, however, we deliver better news: Councilman Kalra’s proposal failed to even reach a vote before the full City Council. In fact, according to local news reports, the public’s reaction was so hostile that an opposing councilman felt compelled to try and cool things down. You know it’s bad when even your opponents feel bad for you.

This is only the latest example of a nitwitted anti-soda proposal falling victim to common sense – in California of all places. Just last year, citizens of Richmond, CA, voted overwhelmingly to reject the imposition of a soda tax, while a similar measure in the Los Angeles suburb El Monte was defeated after only receiving 23 percent of the vote.

If history provides any clue, we can all but guarantee there are yet many more of these ill-conceived proposals to come. What’s refreshing, though, is that it appears the broader public is wising up to these unscientific claims.

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