Soda-Less in Seattle?
(September 30th, 2013)
When New York City first proposed its now-enjoined ban on certain restaurant sodas last year, The Atlantic looked at which major city might be the first to follow. The magazine concluded Seattleites had the most to be worried about, as … Continue reading
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Anti-Biotech Activists Cry “OMG,” Scientists Facepalm
(September 27th, 2013)
With a vote in Washington state coming in November on whether to mandate scientifically irrelevant labeling on foods have been produced using biotechnology, activists hope their latest P.R. creation will convince people better than their failed campaign last year in … Continue reading
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Swiss Bank Joins War on Sugar
(September 24th, 2013)
A research subsidiary of secretive Swiss bank Credit Suisse has released a new report calling for sugar taxes, and it’s a doozy. The Atlantic summarizes the report, showing scary charts that indicate that everybody’s eating and drinking white powdery substance … Continue reading
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Organic Agriculture Cannot Feed The World
(September 18th, 2013)
We’ve written before that, despite organic activists’ claims to the contrary, conventional agriculture (a.k.a. non-organic) is the only way to feed the world’s burgeoning population, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So it was with mild frustration yesterday when we read a blog … Continue reading
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Prohibitionist, Food Scold, Statistician, Socialist?
(September 16th, 2013)
A few months ago, we noted a bizarre study in the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) that suggested that the famine caused by the repressive Communist Cuban Castro regime was good for people’s health. Harvard’s food-scold-in-residence, Walter Willett, commented … Continue reading
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The Newest Activist to Rejoin the Crusade Against Food
(September 13th, 2013)
Big news earlier this week was that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) with its $98 million budget has decided to join the war on food. So we decided to do some digging on NRDC and see if we could decipher its motivations … Continue reading
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If Chipotle Only Had a Brain…
(September 12th, 2013)
The Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle has a new cartoon video out to coincide with the launch of an iPhone game. The video, titled “Scarecrow,” paints modern food production as a dark place run by evil beings. This isn’t new for … Continue reading
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The Next Soda Tax Frontier
(September 10th, 2013)
If you thought soda taxes were only propagated amongst academics and busybody politicians in Europe and the United States, think again. Now Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is asking Mexico’s Congress to enact a soda tax to the tune of one peso (8 cents) … Continue reading
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An Unlikely Source Berates PETA’s Tactics
(September 9th, 2013)
We’ve been writing for a while now about the juvenile PR tactics PETA employs to try and get attention. Whether it be equating the death of animals for consumption to the Holocaust, likening performance whales to slaves, or, more recently, claiming that pregnant mothers who … Continue reading
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Food Finger-Wagger Equates Democratic Process to “Micromanaging”
(September 4th, 2013)
Top food cop Marion Nestle has a new book of food-politic cartoons, but she herself is already a great source of entertainment—though quite unintentionally, we presume. We’ve written before about Nestle’s support for a federal slush fund to be used to advocate … Continue reading
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