Freaked-Out Food Cops Suck Fun Out Of Halloween
(October 31st, 2013)
Look out, children of Fargo, North Dakota: Your town is the latest to fall victim to the food police. In true Soup Nazi fashion, one house will tell kids “No candy for you” and give them “You’re fat” letters instead. … Continue reading
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The Nanny, Unleashed
(October 30th, 2013)
On December 31, Michael Bloomberg will leave the mayoralty of New York City. Unfortunately, that probably won’t reduce the impact the meddlesome multibillionaire will try to have on Americans’ lives and beverage choices. Starting with a campaign to enact a … Continue reading
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Environmental Working Group
(October 29th, 2013)
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) does not represent mainstream scientific views on the health risks from chemicals. According to a survey conducted for the George Mason University Statistical Assessment Service by pollster Harris International, 79 percent of members of the … Continue reading
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Soda Tax Descends into San Francisco
(October 28th, 2013)
Roughly a year after their Bay Area counterparts in Richmond rejected a $1.28 per gallon tax on soft drinks by two-to-one, San Francisco City Supervisor Scott Wiener has proposed a $2.56 per gallon tax on soda sold in the City … Continue reading
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WARNING: This Food is Safe
(October 25th, 2013)
A journalism professor writing on Scientific American’s blog this week dissents from the view of the editorial board of the esteemed publication, which recently wrote that mandatory labeling of genetically engineered or biotech ingredients was misguided and unnecessary. Perhaps he … Continue reading
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Food Day: The One Holiday without a Feast
(October 24th, 2013)
For the third year in a row (after a thirty-year hiatus) the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is holding its “celebration” of Food Day. Joined by animal liberationist vegans like Compassion Over Killing, the Physicians Committee for … Continue reading
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Divide-and-Conquer War on Soda Moves to Hollywood
(October 23rd, 2013)
Fresh off petitioning the FDA to do an end-run around democracy and ban Americans’ chosen colas, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has taken its war against soft drinks to Hollywood to demand that the stars stop … Continue reading
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Pseudo-Religious Crusade Against Agriculture Hits Washington
(October 21st, 2013)
Last week, the first ballots were mailed out in Washington State’s elections, which include a ballot question, I-522, that would mandate the labeling of foods produced using modern scientific biotechnology. Activists claim that these foods are unsafe, but reputable scientific … Continue reading
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Are Oreos Really Addicting? … Hmmm Maybe Not
(October 17th, 2013)
Activists are getting a bunch of publicity for their latest cause from Connecticut College, where undergraduates have discovered that mice prefer cookies to rice cakes. This shouldn’t shock anyone, but the students have sent the media running off crowing that … Continue reading
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Should Americans Be “Peasants” Who Eat Only (Organic) Crops?
(October 16th, 2013)
The U.N. declares October 16 World Food Day annually, so the chattering classes are talking about how to feed a growing world population. Are they discussing employing science-based agricultural techniques that reputable authorities find safe, like biotechnology? Of course they … Continue reading
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