Animal Rights Activists: It’s OK to be Racist

“Haven’t we all in our heads thought, and said the [n-] word without meaning to, or it just slips out?” –Animal Rights Activist explaining why John Hargrove made racist remarks.

We’ve long commented that animal rights activists take an “end justifies the mean” approach to activism, such as the violent piracy of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, but the latest instance is truly telling. John Hargrove, a former-orca-trainer-turned-PETA-superhero who has been on a book tour, was exposed last week in a video showing him using the “n-word” repeatedly. While most rational beings would instantly distance themselves from someone who was caught on film using such deplorable language (the California NAACP and Martin Luther King III both issued statements condemning Hargrove), many animal rights activists have chosen to embrace and even defend Hargrove.

The animal rights fringe’s idolization of Hargrove became especially apparent during a recent protest of a southern California bookstore. The bookstore was originally going to serve as a stop on Hargrove’s ongoing book tour, but chose to cancel his appearance after the shameful video surfaced.

The activists decided to protest outside of the bookstore in order to share their displeasure with the store’s decision to cancel Hargrove’s appearance. When CBS interviewed some of the protesters and asked what they thought of John Hargrove, their responses instantly exposed how radical animal rights activists truly are.

One local animal rights activist remarked, “I was offended that someone would talk that way, but someone who is drunk and out of control will say stupid things at different times.”  The next protester’s excuse was even worse: “Haven’t we all in our heads thought, and said the word without meaning to, or it just slips out?”

Ummm…no, actually. But we should thank them for exposing the enormous lengths that animal rights activists will go to excuse of one of their champions. After all, the end justifies the means, even if they have to use a disgraceful spokesman to get there.

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