Boycott TripAdvisor for Allying with PETA recently announced a new policy to restrict users from booking certain animal attractions – like swimming with dolphins and elephant rides – after working with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Today we launched a new campaign attacking that recent collaboration with the website We’re even offering $500 to the worst horror story about TripAdvisor.

Why are we doing this? No company should take advice from PETA and change its policies to hurt consumers and businesses. Until TripAdvisor cancels its alliance with PETA and implements a neutral travel policy regarding animal attractions, consumers should use other travel websites. What’s next? Delisting of steak houses and sports bars that serve meat-centric munchies?

Known for celebrity endorsements, blatant hypocrisy, and shock-value stunts, PETA’s radical agenda against pet ownership, meat consumption, zoos, aquariums, and even ice cream are an affront to mainstream society. It’s no wonder that everyday vacation-goers typically ignore the pleas of the volatile activists protesting zoos and other animal attractions.

TripAdvisor has a history of problems that it should work on instead of wasting resources being “politically correct” and partnering with PETA. Notoriously, TripAdvisor was forced to delete hundreds of fake reviews from a restaurant in London that had cratered its rating. Their reliability is so poor that the British Advertising Standards Authority cracked down on TripAdvisor’s claim to be “trusted” or have “real reviews.”

That’s because TripAdvisor has been a leader in fake news and fake content. With estimates that up to 20% of their reviews are fake, it’s been reported that several businesses have been harassed with fake reviews and that some businesses have resorted to boosting ratings with fake positive reviews. It makes sense that consumers are fleeing TripAdvisor: revenue is down from both subscriptions and display-based advertising. Partnering with PETA isn’t a recipe to turn that around.

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