AD: Is Someone You Know “Faking” It?

As part of our campaign to educate the public on the meat analogues, today we have placed a full-page ad in the New York Post. The ad highlights things that everyone likes to (or should) avoid: toupees, fake orgasms, and fake meat.

Despite what the plant-based protein peddlers would have you believe, fake meats are not clean eats. A recent survey found 78% of Americans prefer to recognize the ingredients in their food. If you take a quick scroll through our ingredient comparison tool, it would be quite difficult to find a fake meat product that you recognize all the ingredients for. It reads like something in a chemistry book: Titanium dioxide, disodium inosinate, and other additives are found in fake meat. 

The bottom line? Fake meats are ultra-processed. While 52% of those who eat plant-based protein eat it in hopes of improving their diet, a recent study found ultra-processed foods lead to overeating and weight gain.

Although these products have “plant-based” in the name, they’re not the same as eating a salad. For more information, or to see what’s lurking in some of the more popular plant-based meat products, go to

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