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Ad: Fake Meat Has What in It?!

In an effort to make the public aware of the contents of fake meat, we placed a full-page ad in The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Examiner calling attention to the chemicals used in various meat analogues. Ingredients used in fake meat are also used in e-cigarettes, laxatives, and slug pesticide. 

Despite being called “plant-based,” fake meats are ultra-processed foods that don’t grow on vines. Earlier this year the National Institute of Health released a study that found ultra-processed foods cause overeating and weight gain. Dietitians have also noted that fake meat products aren’t healthier than real meat.

Plant-based meats are not “clean” eats. They’re as far away from your backyard garden as you can get. Our newest full-page ad can be found here. For more information on plant-based meat visit our microsite

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