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Beyond the Bird: Beyond Meat to debut Fake Chicken

Beyond Meat appears to be gearing up for its newest line of fake meat products: faux chicken.

A new Bloomberg report states that the company is planning to launch the new product this summer. This isn’t the first time Beyond Meat has flirted with chicken, however.

In 2019, the brand launched a small test run of its fake chicken with KFC in Atlanta. And while the test was a commercial success, nutritionists say the product is far from a health success. 

“Processed foods, whether they’re meat based or plant based, aren’t a nutritional need in our diet, especially when they involve low quality oils,” nutritionist Whitney Stuart told Insider reporters.  Most fake meat is made with oils like vegetable oil, which contain high amounts of saturated fat. 

The fake chicken served at KFC also only had only ten less calories and one gram less fat than the comparable real chicken products. 

“Our goal for nutrition in plant-based food is whole vegetables, fresh or frozen, in their natural form, not in processed patty,” Stuart told Insider.

Read more on the new faux chicken launch here.

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