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BREAKING: IRS Complaint Filed Against HSUS, Whole Foods, GAP
(May 8th, 2017)
Today, we filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against Whole Foods Market, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) for what we believe is an improper profit-driven effort to benefit Whole Foods. … Continue reading
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Unpacking the HSUS Gravy Train (2017 Edition)
(April 12th, 2017)
When it comes to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), we have never had high hopes that it would live up to its heart-wrenching advertisements and actually help shelter animals. Historically, HSUS would rather spend money on lawyers … Continue reading
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Will HSUS Campaign Against Eating Lobster?
(March 16th, 2017)
The Washington Post recently reported on a situation in Australia whereby a seafood company was convicted of animal cruelty for preparing a lobster in an inhumane fashion. The piece quotes three—yes, three—people employed by HSUS-affiliated groups, and it got us … Continue reading
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USA Today: “10 Things You Should Know About HSUS”
(January 26th, 2016)
This ad ran in the January 26, 2016 edition of USA Today. 
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Times Square Billboard: HSUS Doesn’t Give Squat to Shelters
(October 1st, 2015)
This billboard appeared in Times Square in October 2015. It was located on the corner of West 46th Street and Broadway. The ad portrays a dog in a squatting position and reads, “HSUS doesn’t give squat to pet shelters. The Humane Society of … Continue reading
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HSUS’s legal shenanigans
(May 26th, 2015)
By: Rick Berman Outlet: Pork Network Do one-third of Americans really believe that animals should have the same rights as people? In a new Gallup public opinion poll, 32 percent of respondents said that “animals deserve the exact same rights … Continue reading
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Whistleblower pulls back the curtain on HSUS’s deception
(April 21st, 2015)
By: Rick Berman News Outlet: Pork Network The adage that “A lie will go around the world while the truth is pulling its boots on,” could hardly be truer than animal rights activists’ use of heavily edited undercover videos to … Continue reading
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Boycott HSUS: #DumpDiscover
(March 27th, 2015)

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Whistleblower Speaks Out Against HSUS
(March 27th, 2015)
Washington, D.C.—Today, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, released a video interview with a former undercover investigator for the animal liberation group Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Gestation stalls, or individual maternity pens (IMPs), are used to … Continue reading
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What’s Really in PETA and HSUS’s Kitchens?
(February 5th, 2015)
It seems that the owner of a vegetarian restaurant in Australia has taken his love of animals a little too far. The cleverly named Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant was recently fined $16,000 for eight different food safety violations, including the presence … Continue reading
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