The recent success of “super-sized” meals has the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and other health activists complaining about the size of hamburgers and soft drinks being served in restaurants.

A recent article in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle quotes Dr. Warren Karp, a nutritionist at the Medical College of Georgia, saying, “You remember in the old days, in cafeterias… those ladies standing back behind the counter would dish out those portions and you would stand there thinking ‘That’s so small’? Well, those were the correct portion sizes.”

His complaints are bolstered by a CSPI study that says restaurant servings often are twice as large as the “official” serving sizes used by the government on “nutrition facts” labels.

But, given the increase in the number of larger hamburgers and drinks being offered, restaurants have obviously found bigger portions to be something customers want, despite what the “officials” say they should eat.