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CSPI Marketing Misrepresentation

The Center for Science in the Public Interest definitely has a way with words. In their most recent annual report, CSPI calls attention to a quote they have taken from the pages of the trade journal Nation’s Restaurant News.

“CSPI reports have had a major impact on restaurant sales… operators have been talking up the healthful side of their menus as never before.”

Through their creative use of ellipses(…), CSPI implies that restaurants have benefited from higher sales in response to their reports. It is important to see what text they eliminated from the quote:

“CSPI reports have had a major impact on foodservice sales in the form of sudden and occasionally sharp declines at dining establishments across the nation. In response, the National Restaurant Association has entered the nutrition debate with a vengeance.

“‘This is junk science, designed not to find general truths, but to make headlines,’ contends Jeffrey Prince, the NRA’s senior director of media relations. ‘In fact (CSPI’s) whole methodology is riddled with holes.'”

If CSPI is willing to twist the facts just to pat themselves on the back, imagine what they’re doing with their so-called science.

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