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Activist Fatigue

Why did Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore leave the worldwide organization he started in the early 70s? Moore abandoned Greenpeace because it has been taken over (in his words) “by extremists who have hijacked it, often to further agendas that have nothing to do with ecology.” Why should you care? Because many of the same “extremists” have hijacked other “consumer” movements, resulting in pointless taxes, warning labels and other efforts to restrict consumer choices.

“We are entering an era now when pagan beliefs and junk science are influencing public policy,” Moore explains. “GM (genetically modified) foods…are a good example, where policy is being influenced by arguments that have no basis in fact or logic.” Moore adds “GM crops are seen as an invisible force that will kill us all in our sleep or turn us all into mutants. It is preying on people’s fear of the unknown” – a tactic that’s the stock-in-trade of the Nanny movement.

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