Walter Willett — last seen expressing sympathy for the health effects of living in international poverty after blaming the humble potato for the nation’s love handles — apparently finds any evidence that moderate overweight status isn’t an immediate death sentence … Continue reading
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In their ongoing quest to classify foods as drugs and regulate them like Everclear, the food police engage in sleight of tongue. In order to convince the public and gullible politicians that they must degrade the public’s right to choose, … Continue reading
The latest tactic by the nation’s food police is to classify foods as “foods of abuse” that are “addictive” and that should be regulated like tobacco cigarettes, alcohol, or even marijuana. Fortunately for gourmands gobbling gouda and commoners chomping on … Continue reading
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War on Food Wrong?

(April 3rd, 2013)
Last week, we took note of an article in the progressive policy journal Breakthrough that challenged the prevailing anti-food orthodoxy in the debate over obesity. It’s worth reading the whole thing if you want a well-argued takedown of the Bloomberg/Brownell/CSPI … Continue reading