Readers of The Washington Post were greeted with a full-page announcement by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation that the companies participating had achieved their goal of reducing the annual calorie supply by 1.5 trillion calories two years ahead of schedule. … Continue reading
With state legislative seasons wrapping up and official deadlines approaching, activists placed their hopes to end beverage freedom on a California soda tax proposal. Now, legislators have placed it in the “suspense file,” which effectively kills it. Proponents had hoped … Continue reading
Yesterday, a California Senate Committee heard testimony on a proposal, Senate Bill 622, to place a $1.28 per-gallon tax on soft drinks in the state. (If that doesn’t sound like much, consider that the state’s tax on the roughly equal-calorie … Continue reading
In California — the land of dubious ballot initiatives, prohibitionist stealth taxes, and 9.4 percent unemployment — a legislative committee has chosen to ignore the results of two local votes and press forward to add a $1.28 per gallon tax … Continue reading
German newsmagazine Der Speigel reports that Denmark plans to repeal its tax on sodas starting this year. The small European nation enacted and subsequently repealed a separate saturated fat tax. Demonstrating conclusively that people will get the beverages they want … Continue reading

The Home Cook’s Dilemma

(April 22nd, 2013)
Michael Pollan, arch-foodie and author of the food-Luddite tome The Omnivore’s Dilemma, has a new book out, entitled Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. Like his previous efforts, the book calls hard-working Americans to more hard work in the kitchen, … Continue reading
We mentioned in passing a California proposal that would grant the state Department of Public Health the authority to restrict or prohibit the sales of consumer products in the state. Well, the bill has been amended — and made worse … Continue reading
All good anti-corporate campaigns have former, supposedly “reformed” industry insiders claiming that they saw treason and plot in their former, highly compensated jobs. The crusade to classify food as just a bit worse than crack cocaine or something follows this … Continue reading

The Times Gets Soda Half-Right

(March 13th, 2013)
With a judge having invalidated New York City’s soda ban, the anti-food-first fat-fighting movement is scrambling for new answers to the problem. Typically, the New York Times editorial board is there with a “solution”: “Push Gov. Andrew … Continue reading

Food Politics and the Dinner Date

(February 18th, 2013)
With Valentine’s Day behind us, so too are millions of dinner dates. And while most will have obeyed the maxim that one shouldn’t discuss religion or politics at the table, food activists, who believe in the cult of control, would … Continue reading