We saw a story last week that brought us good cheer: Eating meat helped humanity develop the brains that powered us to the top of the world. According to a researcher from Complutense University in Madrid, the evidence from prehistoric archaeological … Continue reading
Despite overwhelmingly cataclysmic defeats in the Bay Area city of Richmond and the San Gabriel Valley city of El Monte, activists still hope to force through extra taxes on sweet drinks. Reports are surfacing that the state of Vermont, several other cities in the Bay … Continue reading

A Protected Thanksgiving

(November 21st, 2012)
As we warned yesterday, trial lawyers are back on the prowl and you never know when they might come for your holiday table. Protect yourself with CCF’s Thanksgiving Obesity Liability Waiver, and the food police will have to go elsewhere … Continue reading
While the rest of us dig into a gravy-soaked feast this Thanksgiving, the nation’s food cops and animal-rights nuts will be hard at work making the holiday less cheerful for those of us who dare to feast in spite of self-appointed and government-appointed … Continue reading
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), last seen receiving a rebuke from the European Court of Human Rights for trying to bring its genocide-trivializing “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign to Germany, has a sordid history of propagandizing children … Continue reading
We warned a few months ago that Americans might soon need to fight for their right to BLTs in response to a private Texas college’s all-encompassing ban on pork. And, in the past, being out of school was usually a … Continue reading
Reaction from both sides of the food freedom debate continues to roll in after the defeat of soda tax ballot measures in the California cities of El Monte and Richmond and the failure of a statewide initiative to label some foods produced using … Continue reading
One of the most repulsive examples of the shameful behavior of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is its “Holocaust on your plate” campaign that compares livestock farming with one of the worst genocides in human history. It’s … Continue reading

Debating PCRM Isn’t a Fair Fight

(September 27th, 2012)
We’ve followed the phony milk debate that anti-dairy activists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) are trying to reboot in the mainstream media. Meanwhile, another PCRM rep put pen to paper to engage in a Wall Street Journal … Continue reading

School Lunches and a Lesson

(September 26th, 2012)
For a long time, we have cautioned that population-level policymaking can lead to unintended consequences and that students’ tastes are picky and that school lunches need to take them into account. That hasn’t stopped beverage banners and cupcake cops, but … Continue reading