Cupcake Cops Crash Camden

(January 4th, 2013)
MeMe Roth, paging your office: The Junior Anti-Sweets Leagues are assembling in Camden, New Jersey. The local Board of Education decided to ban all bake sales in schools in the city. One activist who supported the measure said, “The cheesecakes and pizza, we want them to get … Continue reading
At the Center for Consumer Freedom, we read activists’ bad ideas every day. We’ve already covered five of the worst proposals yesterday. We now present the conclusion of CCF’s Tasteless Ten Worst Proposals from a banner year in anti-food activism.  … Continue reading
At the Center for Consumer Freedom, we read activists’ bad ideas every day. Whether they want to tax soda, put meaningless labels on perfectly safe foods produced with biotechnology, or scare consumers about hamburger processing, the food activists and public … Continue reading
Our Senior Research Analyst J. Justin Wilson at the Centre for Consumer Freedom took our message worldwide this week. He was a guest on the BBC’s Newsnight, facing off against panelist Aseem Malhotra, who argued that studies show sugar is toxic and “drives appetite,” and that foods high … Continue reading
You wouldn’t expect Kelly Brownell — the architect of the Twinkie tax and head of Yale’s activist Rudd Center — to say something nice about a Twinkie, but at the New York City soda ban public hearing this week he … Continue reading
We asked a few questions when Great Nanny of New York Michael Bloomberg announced his ban on restaurant sodas that are greater than 16 ounces: We can only ask what savories are next in line for Bloomberg’s ban-hammer. Will the … Continue reading
We’ve made fun of “The Latest Study” for a decade, and today, the mockery rings truer than ever. The newest “latest study” may take the cake. A UCLA press release screams: “Sugar makes you stupid” — and in case that … Continue reading
Of all the would-be dietary dictators, wannabe syrup-saboteur MeMe Roth is perhaps the most freely contemptuous and openly hateful toward those who would choose the simple pleasures of food and drink, whatever their weight. We, however, suspected she wasn’t alone … Continue reading

Revenge of the Cupcake Cops

(May 4th, 2012)
The glittering record of failure enjoyed by school treat bans hasn’t taken them off the food activist agenda. Massachusetts and the federal government will soon institute bans or partial bans on the bake sales at schools, while many school systems … Continue reading
Sugar scolding in the school of Robert “We I.D. (For Soda)” Lustig is the latest trend among America’s food police, but few ask how strong the case against the sweet stuff is. A Los Angeles Times contributor gave us a … Continue reading